The present warranty (the “Warranty”) refers entirely to the disclaimer contained in the website (“the Disclaimer”) of HT s.p.a. (“HT” and or “la Casa”), which Disclaimer is hereinafter specifically and fully mentioned.

The HT  mission is to offer a good and efficient service, in particular with reference to the complaints which third parties might have during the enforcement period of the present Warranty.

All the HT products (hereinafter “HT Products”), are designed and prepared in accordance with the best concept of quality and they are prepared in accordance with the Italian and European Union laws, rules and regulations, as well as in accordance with the relevant applicable technical rules; moreover the HT Products comply with any relevant and applicable certification, including the conformity certification, as provided by the law.

Save HT will not carry out HT Products pursuant to specific technique deliberately provided by the Clients, the HT Products are always conceived, projected and manufactured to be used on huge industrial scale, therefore on a standard basis.

The use of HT Products might have limitation, therefore it is important to read carefully the   relevant documentation, appropriate use manuals, depliants, illustrative materials regarding the HT Products, the use and assembling manuals.

In order to complete and integrate the Contract of Sale undersigned with your Company (hereinafter “the Client”, being understood that the Client includes its own clients and resellers, its own installers and any other subjects who intervene, in the interests of and/or on behalf of the Client, in the inclusion/insertion process of HT Products within any tools and/or equipments and/or devices, provided by third parties, including the HT Products), we report hereinbelow the terms and conditions which regulate the Warranty provided by la Casa in connection with HT Products.

  1. Any order execution by la Casa means the fully acceptance by the Client of the Warranty  irrespective of any contrary, general and/or special terms and conditions included in any contracts acceptance of the present Warranty, even in the case the latter oppose with the general and/or particular conditions contained in any contracts (in whatsoever forms)  proposals of contracts submitted by the Client.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

  2. The Client informs la Casa to have fully and carefully examined all the relevant technical documentation mentioned in the HT website, including all the HT Products tecnichal characteristics, which are mentioned – not only in the HT website – but even inside the catalogues, leaflets,  use and assembling manuals and in all the others materials and technical documents prepared by HT and therefore the Client informs to have checked and verified that HT Products may properly fit with use(s) purpose of the Client itself. La Casa disclaims therefore any kind of liability with regard to any possible defect and/or  out of order of HT Products due to the limitated measure of capacity and/or different performances of the latter – comparing with the measures of capacity mentioned in the technical documentation and in their illustrative materials and/or in their use and/or assembling manuals – and/or with regard to any kind of matters and/or limited measures of capacity and/or for any matters regarding any single equipments inside which the HT Products have been inserted and/or collocated as components, in consequence of a wrong choice and/or a wrong evaluation by the Client.

  3. HT is not responsible for any differences and/or defects regarding HT Products or for defects caused and/or derived, also indirectly deriving from computation and/or design mistakes contained in projects, and/or designs, and/or contained in technical cards, and/or in the instructions or in any other draft, provided by the Client and/or by third parties acting in the interest and/or on behalf of the latter, provided that the above mentioned design mistakes may be recognizable. The HT Products conformity to the samples and/or to the descriptions contained in the technical documentation, catalogues, depliants, use and assembling manuals, and, in general, contained in the illustrative material used by HT, should always be considered by the Client in an substantial meaning; that is the Client shall not make any objection with regard to any formal process of the HT Products construction carried out and/or performed by la Casa.
  4. The Warranty provides that:

  • in general, the complete and free repair or replacement of any defective HT Products and, in particular, of any HT Products which should not be in accordance with the samples and/or with any purchase orders;
  • the repair and effort costs, which are essential both to repair and/or to remove the defects and/or to remove the differences matched and/or to replace the defective HT Products and to replace them with suitable products.
  1. It is specifically excluded any other kind of liability, regarding both contractual and not contractual damages, both direct and indirect, that potentially should  suffer the Client, things, people, even any third party, caused by differences and/or defects and/or vices of HT Products, even in the case the defects and/or the differences and/or vices of HT Products have epidemic character.
  2. The Warranty has a validity of a 2 (two) years period starting from the date of the Sale to the Client and it shall expire at the elapsing of such period. The Warranty shall not be valid and thus not applicable in the following cases:

  • as a consequence of the wrong choice of the Client, or in the case the Client do not observe the regulations indicated in the technical documentation, catalogues, depliants, in the use and maintenance manual, regarding in particular the remarks for the installation, use and maintenance of HT Products;
  • in case, should the event above mentioned occur, HT Products have been inserted and/or collocated by the Client inside apparatus/devices/instruments and/or directly used in unfit conditions or not in accordance with the technical characteristics and with the manual of use suggested by HT and/or contained in the HT website, as well as contained in depliants, different illustrative materials of HT, including the use and maintenance manual, or in case the Client has not respected any appropriate law, rules, regulations (even the technical ones) and commercial uses;
  • in case the Client and/or the final user of HT Products have made spontaneously changes within the HT Products, or in case the Client has made reparations regarding HT Products without the written authorization of la Casa;

In case HT Products have been improperly used by the Client and/or have been improperly used by the final user of the HT Products and/or the latter have been put in different use conditions compared with

  • the conditions established in the maintenance and use manual;

  • in case the defects (including the lack of functioning) have been caused by the malpractice or negligence in the assembling and/or in the use of HT Products by the Client and/or by the final user or in case the said defects are caused by anexcessive usage or improper use of HT Products;

  • in case HT Products have not been subject of a proper assistance service at the expiring date of the HT Products provided in the maintenance and use manual;

  • in case the place of use of HT Products results different in comparison with the place that has been agreed upon, or in case the place is of use is located in a place characterised by particular climatic conditions (for instance, including but not limited to, temperature lower than -5° or temperature above +40°C, very high rate of moisture, dusty places, saline weather, presence of corrosive substances, etc....);

      7. The Warranty does not include:

  • further costs and fees besides the costs related to the reparation and/or to the removal and therefore does not include the HT Products replacement resulting defective;

  • the damages or the compensation that does not constitute a direct consequence of the defect and/or of the vice and/or of the difformity of HT Products, raw materials and manufacturing process;

  • the damages caused by an installation mistake of the Client or deriving from a lack of conformity to the instructions provided byla Casa;

  • the indirect damages or compensation, and the possible lack of use of the apparatus and/or of the device in which the HT Products are inserted, and damages that do not represent an immediate and direct consequence of the HT Products defect;

  • the damages caused by an uncorrect planning of the apparatus and/or device, deriving from an unsuitable HT Products position, and, in general, the damages deriving from a not correct evaluation of the HT Products destination;

    8)   The Warranty has to be considered in force on condition that the HT Products defects have been reported by registered mail to la Casa within and not later than 15 days starting from from the date of knowledge of the defect of the HT Products, in case the Client is resident in Italy, or by written communication sent by international courier, with release of receipt, in case the Client have its location outside Italy.

    9)   The present Warranty represents the only one issued by HT and it is regulated by the Italian law.

     Any other warranties - different from this one, issued by the Client to its retailers or clients, or final consumers, in accordance with the European Union law in force regarding the protection of the consumers – will not bind in any way la Casa.

    The Warranty exclude any other remedies and it has to be intended as the only and exclusive remedy for the Client, with reference to the purchase of HT Products, being expressively understood that the restrictions and/or the discharge of responsibilities provided by the current Warranty regards both any liability towards any third party, pursuant to the applicable legislation related to the liability of the producer, and any different warranty provided by the applicable law.

    We would be grateful to You if You might send us a feedback to this document, by undersigning it, should You agree with the content herein provided, as a proof of its approval and acceptance.


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